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News reports

The Independent: Exclusive: Interpol chief - close EU border loophole or risk attack

The Independent: Tottenham smoulders after night of rioting

The Independent: Assange says 'enemies' to blame for rape claim

The Independent: Torture victim fights decision to deport her back to Sudan

The Independent: Arrested development - Super-tower cut down to size


Features and blogs

New Statesman: The Syrian Uprising - one year on

Tribune: Arab Spring - Syrians fan the flames of freedom

The Independent: Interview with Tawakul Karman, Yemeni Nobel Peace Prize winner

The Independent: Eyes on the spies - The murky world of private investigators

The Independent: Ronald Noble - 'Terrorists plans on email. And we can't track them.

The Independent: It's tough at the top - Meet the builders behind Europe's tallest tower

The Independent: Cryonics - The chilling facts



The Independent: Marching to a different beat

The Independent: Whatever happened to the man who beat Portillo?

The Independent: Can Dr Earth save the planet and win Edmonton?

The Independent: Cloak-and-dagger day with the BNP - a party in crisis

The Independent: Is the street party the way to create a 'big society'?


Colour writing

The Independent: Welcome to the war zone - the field hospital for sozzled City staff

The Independent: The town that's 'too posh for Argos' turns against JD Wetherspoon's pubs

The Independent: What do you get for the museum with everything?

The Independent: Obeisant spells Scrabble triumph for transsexual


Crime Reporting

The Independent: Yeates inquiry hit by delays to post mortem and witness hunt

The Independent: Boy, 15, stabbed in same street where student was killed last week

The Independent: How a polite and courteous boy became counter-terror police's worst nightmare

The Independent: Fortnum & Mason claims protesters' sit-in cost 100,000

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